Andrew Garfield was named for his most memorable Emmy award this year.

Garfield got nominated for his role of Detective Jeb Pyre in the Hulu series

He portrayed himself as an otherworldly individual and made sense of what that meant for his acting.

He told 2016, "I'm not a Christian individual. I see myself as polytheist, skeptic, at times nonbeliever, and somewhat Jewish, yet at the same generally befuddled."

2016 film "Silence," in which he assumed the job of a Jesuit priest

Garfield doesn’t identify as a Christian. In an interview with Collider, he described his spirituality.

He said. "It's a sort of consciousness of the limited idea of being here

When speaking with Collider, he also indicated that he is most interested in characters who are defined by their faith or defined by their loss of it

He's a preferred and more different entertainer over a ton of completely Christian actors are