How to Find a Freelance project

Finding a freelance project, especially as a beginner can be a tough situation as there are many reputed providers on these websites. You will be up against thousands of other freelancers. To stand out from the crowd and get noticed, you need to be creative and unique. Here are some ideas for landing a freelance project based on the skill you have & Instead of lower down your rates, please follow these steps:

Do research about the best platform:

on the basis of a bit of research on the Internet, you can easily find out the best platforms for the freelancing economy, doing smart work is the right way to get success in this marketplace.

Make a comparison of fee & membership structure:

All platforms follow different fee & membership structures, just start to know about the differences between these websites carefully & choose the best one as per your budget & future plans.

Know about gig & bidding types:

Right now in the freelance economy, there are two types of freelancing websites, one of the Gig structure & other is a bidding structure.

Both use different algorithms to promote new providers & have policies to make reputations of these platforms.

A gig website like Fiverr is best for all users, you just have to make a Gig as per the skill & make promote these all Gigs on all social media platforms & try to make a perfect profile on the basis of other providers.

On the other hand bidding, websites like Upwork & freelancer follow different algorithms, here on these websites competition is too difficult as buyers trust the profile which has more reviews with a positive rating & also if a freelancer manages a team of professionals can win big-size projects easily.

How to bid on freelance sites:

When you are a freelancer or an independent contractor, you can take up projects and assignments that are offered by businesses and individuals according to your skills and capacity. While taking up these assignments, you must be aware of the bidding process that is followed by most freelancing websites. There is a unique bidding system that is to be followed by various freelance websites. 

While bidding on projects please follow these steps:

Know about buyer’s past projects

As per bidding on these websites choose the projects you can deliver easily.

Make clarification with the buyer of all points to be followed when delivering the project.

Try to convince the buyer to make milestones, without milestones not start the project as there are many scammers on these websites.

Convert the time frame into small parts & deliver the project as per these time frames.

Deliver all codes & assets to the client after finishing the project

Request the buyer to get great feedback & rating

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