Less known freelance websites to work?

There are much fewer known websites that have less competition & could be used to start a freelance career.

I am working for many years when there were two main freelance platforms, elance & Odesk.

These days bidding strategy was different & buyers were not in hurry to award instantly, If there found a good provider, they wait at least 24 hours to get a reply.

Now everything has been changed, buyers are in hurry to award, and there are many scammers who show themself online 24/7 & just want to earn by doing nothing.

In my view, these are a few less known & less crowded freelance websites to work with:


It is a remote job listing website using many categories like graphic design, marketing, coding, and even customer support.

There are many jobs listed daily on the website, please check that one for your career.


It is also a good website to start your freelance journey, It is India based website having many buyers & providers.

Sometimes it looks like freelancer & many jobs using different categories posted here daily, many providers are earning great here.

Work N Hire :

It is another India-based website, It uses a credit system for applying for jobs. You get 20 free proposals every month. If you want to add more than 5 credits then It will cost 50 INR.

Please use these websites also:

Creative Group

Jobs Outsource


The Freelancer Club


Just develop a demanding skill & start signing up on these websites, after getting a bunch of projects & confident to deliver more use big platforms to develop your reputation there.

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